What to evaluate in choosing the size of the mattress?

For people who have specific needs, there is also the possibility of customizing both the net and the mattress with measures that go beyond the standard models; normally you can even reach a measurement of 200 × 220 cm.

What to evaluate in choosing the size of the mattress?

Before venturing into the purchase of the mattress, you should always measure the network that will support it. When you buy a mattress shorter than the net, you must then deal with an unsightly space to cover and this operation is sometimes not easy, especially in summer, when blankets and bedspreads have a smaller volume.

Even in the case of a mattress larger than the net, the aesthetics of the bed could be compromised, but this is not the only problem. In fact, if the side boards of the bed frame are higher than the net, this phase shift could also lead to a deformation of the mattress. To have a beautiful and functional bedroom, the bed and mattress must always have the same size.

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A final precaution is to pay attention to the measurements of the bed linen that will be used to dress the new mattress. Those who switch to a bigger mattress will need adequate sheets, especially those with corners, which otherwise cannot cover the mattress well.

When switching to a smaller mattress, the larger sheets will not have a perfect fit, but they can still be used. In the same way, it will also be necessary to evaluate the dimensions of the mattress cover, even if they are accessories for the bed that have great elasticity and can also adapt to slightly different sized mattresses.

The most important factor to consider when choosing a mattress size is always our way of sleeping. Anyone who moves little during sleep will not need a mattress that is too large. On the contrary, those who have a more restless sleep would do better to choose a mattress large enough not to compromise the quality of rest.

Furthermore, when choosing a bed, the height of the user must be taken into consideration. This data is extremely important in fact it is good to choose a bed length that is at least 20 cm. more than stature, this in order not to compromise a correct posture in bed.