Biconical spring: The beginnings of the current docks:

Over time the technology has advanced a lot and with it the rest. The manufacturing techniques and the available machinery have made it possible to produce more sophisticated and sophisticated mattresses, with better features and benefits.

For many years, the star at rest was the Bonell. Today, the most used are the springs of continuous thread and the pocket springs.

We will review the characteristics of each one of them and what has meant the technical improvement in terms of the comfort of rest.

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The different types of springs:

As we have said before, in the market there are three types of docks currently: the biconical spring, the continuous dock, and the bagged dock. Let’s see what are the differences and characteristics of each of them.

It must be remembered that all spring mattresses offer their excellent breathability as their main advantage. The air circulates inside without problems, which helps evacuate moisture and sweat.

The biconical pier:

The biconical spring is the oldest spring of those that are still used. They are independent springs, with a double inverted cone shape, narrower in the center and joined by steel wires.

The continuous spring provides great stability:

Nowadays, this type of springs is only used in mattresses of medium-low quality, being the cheapest that we can find among spring mattresses. The biconical spring housing offers a medium level of firmness, and low independence of beds. When the springs are joined to each other, any movement on one side of the bed is transmitted to the other side.

The manufacture of this type of spring is simple. It does not need great technology to produce it. This means that many manufacturers offer this type of mattress.

Thanks to its price and the comfort it provides, these mattresses are ideal for auxiliary beds or holiday homes. The useful life of this type of mattress is usually not very long, so they are recommended for sporadic use.